Scott s. 

Hawthorne, CA 

May 3, 2018

"We searched for months to find a contractor to perform some remodeling on our 100 year old craftsman house.  We interviewed at least 7 different contractors and Troy at Hurst Construction was the only one to provide us with a detailed quote that showed the costs by room and a detailed material and labor breakdown.  He also came with a glowing review from a friend.  

We selected Hurst Construction to do our project; an addition to the back of the house for a master bedroom suite and a complete kitchen remodel.   They started the demo in mid-Oct 2017 and completed the final project in early Mar 2018.  

The team was fantastic.  They showed up early and stayed to the end of the day.  If they said they would be there, they were. They were able to complete the entire project within the time that Troy estimated, 5 months.  Everyone on the team was very professional and friendly and they kept the worksite clean and organized which we appreciated as we were living in the front half of the house at the same time.  

They maintained the original craftsman detail in all of the new remodel areas.  The siding, door and window casings match the original area of the house perfectly.   They handled all issues that came up quickly and efficiently.  Troy and the team were in constant communication with us throughout the project.  

After hearing all of the horror stories with others remodel projects, were we so glad that we found Troy and Hurst Construction.  We can't recommend them enough.  We are thrilled at the way the project and our home turned out."

Matt b.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

April 13, 2017

"My wife and I had talked about adding a full master addition (bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet) for a while and finally decided to just do it.  

We met with a number of contractors finding them through neighborhood references as well as looking at reviews online.  After narrowing our selection down to three, we reviewed bids and called references.  Our decision was to go with Hurst Construction in Lomita.  We worked with Troy and Jason discussing our vision.  The job was for building a completely new addition from the foundation up.  The key was to make the new addition look as though it had always belonged to the existing house.  We also had additional items for the current home which included expansion of the living room, flooring, heating, air conditioning, lighting, etc. I'll just say that this was a long project which required a lot of patience from me and my wife as well as Troy.  

Over the length of the project, we ran in to various issues.  They ranged from engineering, weather, city, and materials.  Throughout the process, Troy would always end our conversations with "I want to make sure you are happy with the work".  My wife and I felt he was always sincere when he said that.  

Throughout the project, Troy was very responsive to phone calls, emails, and text messages.  He made sure to get back to us even if we had questions on weekends or evenings.  Troy has a very hard working group including Jason, Frank, Anthony, Hugo, Javier, and others.  They were very professional and respectful.  We are so excited to have the new addition to our house as well as the improvements that were done to the existing rooms.  We definitely would recommend Hurst Construction. We have already recommended Troy to our friends and family for projects they are considering."

jeff b. 

Los Angeles, CA 

April 6, 2016

"I want to introduce you to Hurst Construction.  I encourage you to contact them with your project.

I was referred to them by my architect who touted their "solid work". My wife and I were in the midst of purchasing a home built in 1925 and wanted to reconfigure a  1/2 bath & 2 closets into a full bath & 1 closet. I began interviewing contractors early including Hurst. Each time I called he answered the phone & gave me all the time I needed. I even called him on Christmas Eve & he answered! When we set an appt to meet he was on time and came up with a solid plan. I interviewed 2 others and chose Hurst based on his responsiveness. I had a tight timeline and needed someone who could be accessible. I was not disappointed. His crew started immediately after signing and quickly made great progress. I visited the site daily and every time I found the workers to be hard working, courteous and meticulous. There cleanup of the work site each day was impressive. During the day the back driveway was the staging area, at night you could not tell they had been there. I purposely contacted neighbors within easy eyesight of the house. Some neighbors were unaware that work was ongoing! Those who had noticed indicated the workmen were polite and respectful of the neighborhood, especially in noise and parking. The work was permitted and Hurst handled all inspections and documentation without a hitch. We had a few change orders and I found them appropriate and concise. Being an older home we hit some snags that could become delays. Without even asking I had work being done on weekends. My favorite story is purchasing fixtures with the designer. The store indicated they could deliver the items in 3 days. When I told them Hurst could pick them up next day they asked for confirmation. In front of them I picked up my phone, Hurst immediately answered and confirmed next day pick up. Needless to say the designer and store staff expressed were impressed

Bottom line: I always felt fully informed of progress. The primary work, additional plumbing, heating along with odds and ends were all completed on time and my wife and I are extremely happy with the results. My next project will be done by Hurst Construction. Call them!"

October 28, 2017

"We are in the demo/inspection stages of a master bath complete remodel. Troy, Luz, Anthony and the rest of Hurst's crew have been nothing but professional and incredibly attentive to every little detail!  We have been through a successful beach house remodel years ago with another contractor and we just can't believe how pleased we are with Hurst!  The crew is friendly, respectful to our privacy and treats their work space as if it is their own. At the end of demo day, there wasn't a trace of trash anywhere. These are the neatest contractors we've ever met!  Luz, the designer, is on top of every little detail and is persistent in finding that just right design and feel for the client. Troy is a professional who truly cares about his clients."

nancy r. 

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 

"I've seen a lot of scary contractor shows and heard a lot of horror stories regarding bad contractors.  I was very nervous about an upcoming total house renovation for a new house we purchased that was very dated. We were initially going to redo the entire 2nd floor of our house only and then wait to do the exterior and 1st floor. This was a total remodel with all walls being moved, one additional bedroom added, all bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms remodeled and only 2 of the original walls would remain in place. We did research and found two contractors we wanted to get an estimate from. The first one was very short, in a rush and never took any notes or gave us any type of estimate. Troy Hurst on the other hand was extremely patient, friendly and worked with us on all aspects, helping us see options we didn't even consider. He gave us an estimate in a very timely manner and was never pushy. After more discussions and comparisons on the quote, Troy Hurst was the contractor we went with. I can say that I am extremely happy we did as the results of his work were amazing. In fact, instead of just doing the 2nd floor as we originally planned, we went ahead and did everything immediately based on our extremely positive interactions with Troy Hurst and his team. Some highlights:
1. Troy and his team were always extremely courteous to us and all our neighbors (everyone in our neighborhood has commented how nice the team is)
2. The team was on site every day and on most Saturdays. This is without me asking for it. His team was on site every working day for the entire 4 month period of our total renovation. Troy was constantly on site.
3. As with any projects, there were minor issues, but without exception the Hurst team either identified it and fixed it before we even knew, or immediately and without question fixed problems as we identified them. They really stood behind their work and made sure we were 100% satisfied.
4. Troy didn't overcharge or charge for things that I'm sure other contractors would. He stands behind his work and is 100% fair. 
5. A common issue I've heard is at the end of projects, is that contractors don't want to finish the small details. I can say that is not true of Troy as he came back and finished all small details until we were 100% satisfied. I was very worried about this before we worked with Troy because I know you discover things throughout the process, but with Troy, he made sure everything was completed with no hassle at all.
6. We asked for a lot of custom work (stairs, floors, cabinets, balcony, landscaping, etc) and we got very high quality work. We even began to let his team's creative side take over and trusted their design choices. Troy and his team got to know our style and did some great design work. 
7. Troy was always available with any questions we had. We never had problems getting in touch with him throughout the project, and more often then not he would make sure to stop by after we called just to check in.

Overall, we never felt like we were just a transaction or that we needed to worry about spending money with Hurst Construction. The team has tremendous dedication and Troy Hurst in particular has integrity and honor in his work and business dealings with us. I would highly recommend Hurst Construction to my friends and family without any hesitation. It was a true joy and we are actually sad that we don't get to see the great team every day."

deb l. 

Hermosa Beach, CA

"We did an addition to our home- 2 rooms and a bathroom. Hurst construction did an excellent job.  At various stages, Troy explained to me the construction process. Troy and the crew gave us various suggestions, and the project came out to be perfect. We would like to thank the whole team for being friendly, professional, and for going out of their way to pay attention to every detail

We would highly recommend Hurst Construction!"

nari t. 

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 

"This past year, Troy renovated my 1923 Spanish bungalow house.  Troy and Hurst Construction did an outstanding job.  Troy is a hands-on contractor.  He works side-by-side with his team, takes pride in his work, and takes client satisfaction seriously.  

Troy is several steps up from the other contractors that I've used.  During construction, he was knowledgeable about most every aspect of the renovation (including the intangibles like aesthetics), readily available, responsive to my questions and requests, and he always "made things right" if things didn't turn out the way I expected them to.  He and his crew worked nights and weekends to finish on time.  And Troy has returned several times to make minor fixes to things that weren't obvious when the project ended -- at his own expense.

I cannot tell you how many compliments I receive on his work -- specifically the craftsmanship and attention to every detail.  Thank you Troy and Hurst Construction for transforming my home this year."


Los Angeles, CA 

"First met Troy Hurst on a referral from a roofing contractor. At about that time, we had started to realize that the previous owner of our house had done some interior remodeling of our house, adjusting to create a vaulted ceiling. Subsequently, we found no permits (previous owner was foreclosed on, we bought the house from the bank) and ourselves in messy situation, as our roof was starting to sag, and evidence of deflection along the ridge of the roof was evident. The situation was stressful for me and the family. It was good meeting Troy, he's down to earth, easy to talk to and really put us at ease regarding our situation and what needed to be done. He works with a local Structural Engineer whom we utilized to draft up plans and walk things through plan check. From there we vetted several contractors, but ultimately couldn't find anybody as professional, courteous and trustworthy as Hurst Construction, during this period we were never hassled or pushed by Troy either, something I couldn't say about the other contractors.

Troy re-framed our roof per engineered plan, installing a large ridge beam, a new steel interior column, new concrete footing, supports on both exterior walls,  new roof rafters, asphalt shingles, solar tube, new vanity, new bathroom mirror and fixture, new redwood siding, new drywall, insulation, new LED recessed lighting, new 200amp electrical panel, new smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensor. We were able to keep the vaulted ceilings, but can rest easy things were done right.

Stellar contractor, myself and my family are thankful. Highly recommend Troy Hurst and Hurst Construction."

john p.

Torrance, CA